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Gates vs. Jobs: The Game! Gates vs. Jobs: The Game!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's pretty funny

Funny stuff, cool little game. I like it overall, but take serious issue with a couple of things.

For one, the Mac interface pictured looks to be from Panther, or about 4 years old! Why not Leopard? It's so much cooler! :P

And also, wtf with the Steve Jobs voice? I get the Bill Gates one, it's an exaggeration of his nerdiness. Whereas the Steve Jobs, just absolutely no relation to what he's really like...have you ever even like, watched him present something? This is nothing like him

Still, all around a good job :)

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Head's Rush Head's Rush

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Why would you put so much time into this?

I'll start off by stating the obvious: this is incredibly well done. The art is great, the features of the game are SWEET, it's got very awesome mechanics to it. From a technical perspective this is AWESOME.

However, even with all the ├╝ber sweet features this thing has, I can only be entertained by what amounts to a coin flip for so long. I can see you tried to make it more engaging with the meter, but it's just not that interesting.

Very disappointing, to be honest, to see all of the coolness (some of this I dare say is revolutionary) go to (in my opinion) a complete waste.

Still, kudos to you for the graphics and gameplay features, very good work.

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Alien Slayer 3D Alien Slayer 3D

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Revolutionary Coding; Terrible Game

I think you already realize this, but the game itself really sucks. The story's crap, and there are a lot of flaws with the gameplay. For example, it's a web based game, so scrolling kinda fucks with the page.

And it's not very responsive, it's laggy, and it's not a bad computer that is causing this, my computer is top notch. It doesn't seem like a performance issue at all in fact, it just seems like the programming of how things move is a little weird. You probably know what I mean, it's hard to put into words.

Anyway, this is a revolutionary step forward in Flash Gaming. With improvements, this engine could be incredible. What you have done here is very cool, even if it's not really playable yet. It's a proof of concept. I can't wait until you create something from this!

Also, I'd like to play this full screen, any chance of getting a Macintosh projector .app export of it?

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Helix Defense Helix Defense

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Decent Game, Gets Boring

This is a decent game. The art is decent although I'm a bigger fan of vector myself. Engine is nothing special or new, but it's a tried and true old game. I like some of the ideas you have for turrets. It was fun for a while at the beginning.

However, when I got to a certain point in the game I found most of the turrets to be meaningless. I can't remember what it was called, but the one that upgrades its damage with every attack was the only tower that was doing significant amounts of damage. To get the other towers to even come close was a massive investment that I couldn't even consider at that point in the game.

Of course I had the slowing turret as well, but the point is, playing with just 2 turret is incredibly boring. You need a greater turret selection for it to be less boring, and not useless turrets either, ones that can be used.

I got to round 36, by the way. I won't be playing again to try to do better because, like I said, it's quite boring at this point.

SC Guitar Maniac Dx 2 SC Guitar Maniac Dx 2

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


That god damn voice always scares the hell out of me and makes me mess up.

Yeah, I'm not feeling any rhythm whatsoever in the notes. Seems to be completely random.

Also, it REALLY, REALLLLLYYYY needs a pause button. I play these games while chatting or doing other things. If I want to sit down and focus on a game, no offense, but it ain't gonna be a flash rip off, it's gonna be the real thing.

Nodes Nodes

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Why can't you people just make the DAMN MUTE BUTTON WORK!?!?!?!!?!? It's just a simple task, why is it never paid attention to?? :(

Other than that, a fun and addicting game. The graphics weren't all that, but they didn't need to be for this sort of game. Very enjoyable except for THAT CURSED SOUND!!!!!!

Eggy responds:

Because thats what the volume on your speakers are for......


and if I didn't add sound you'd complain that there was no sound.

Generic Defense Game Generic Defense Game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game, nice work

Only thing is, for me it was a tad difficult.

A Day in the Life of Mewd A Day in the Life of Mewd

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Okay, that sound when he walks has got to be the gayest I've ever heard.

It could use some [good] music.

It needs to be FASTER!!!! It's fucking boring waiting for a blood puddle to grow over like 2 minutes before I can start over!

And besides that there should be a start over button anyway.

Overall, it sucked. But you could make it decent with not a whole lot of work.

fotoshoot fotoshoot

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I don't know what to say so...

Once upon a time, Jt - the smallest warrior in the land - walked passed a marijuana. Jt wanted to toke with it all day long. Jt was going to smoke up but decided to sit on the ganja at Amsterdam. Jt got hungry and decided to eat Funions. The moral of the story, is never get high with your green!

Jellyfish Jellyfish

Rated 0 / 5 stars

You did everything right but fucked up

You made a nice game, but you fucked it all up with one stupid, obvious mistake. It's been pointed out many times, so I'm sure you're aware, but it's impossible to start a level without picking up at least one junk item, because the squid darts down to where your cursor is as soon as you press next. The squid shouldn't DART, it should START there. I can't figure out how to get rid of junk once you pick it up, so basically this game is impossible to play because of that.

For that I give it a 0.